Maru Batsu Survey #1

There’s a popular Japanese website called Kotonoha OX Social, a simple Yes/No survey site, where O (maru) means Yes and X (batsu) means No. The concept is simple and fun, so I thought I’d tie it in with my usual ramblings and ask you to give OX answers to the following topics which have been on my mind lately. 1. Jason is onto a winner with The Carbon Blog – […]

Sony’s Canvas Exhibition

While I was browsing the news section of Yahoo Japan, I spotted what I thought was a really huge billboard hanging off the side of a building. On closer inspection I realized the building was the Sony Ginza head office in Tokyo. A bit more research revealed that Sony hired top graphic artists, Hajime Yoshio, ZanPon and Ryuji Otani, to design three unique skins for laptops, cell phones, media players and headphones. The items are limited edition, […]

Planning a Lifetime in Japan

Our third visit from Mr. Life Planner was by far the most interesting. Mr. Life Planner works for Sony Life Insurance and part of the sales pitch includes a detailed “Life Simulation”, which is really intended to prove the need for their life insurance. Previously we had given him details of our monthly expenses, earnings and expected future purchases, and he came back with a variety of graphs, charts and […]