Sony’s Canvas Exhibition

Sony's Ginza headquartersWhile I was browsing the news section of Yahoo Japan, I spotted what I thought was a really huge billboard hanging off the side of a building. On closer inspection I realized the building was the Sony Ginza head office in Tokyo.

A bit more research revealed that Sony hired top graphic artists, Hajime Yoshio, ZanPon and Ryuji Otani, to design three unique skins for laptops, cell phones, media players and headphones. The items are limited edition, so consider yourself lucky if you get hold of one.

It’s all part of the Sony Canvas exhibition which runs until November 4th. The Sony website has all the details in Japanese, and Gizmodo has some English information about the products.

Personally, I’m just amazed by the building and surprised it doesn’t cause traffic accidents as drivers crane their necks to look at it. Sony calls it the “Art Wall” and says it measures approximately six meters across and is 38 meters high. I think it looks fantastic and really brightens up an otherwise drab cityscape. I wonder what they will replace it with when the exhibition is finished?

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3 thoughts on “Sony’s Canvas Exhibition

  1. This post does not interest me, and judging by the lack of comments, it does not interest anyone else! haha… Loser Post!!!

    1. The post doesn’t interest me either, but the Sony “Art Wall” does. If you didn’t look at that picture and go “wow” then you obviously have no appreciation for art. It’s all about the picture net buddy! 😉

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