Earn Money with Japan-Hopper.com

What would happen if you combined Google Maps, Wikipedia, and personal experiences of English speakers in Japan?This is a question that Kiyotaka Maruyama decided to answer by creating Japan-Hopper.com, an interactive website that lets you use English to search for a place in Japan, and then either read a related Wikipedia entry or a review from someone who actually went to the place you searched for. In the media Reading […]

Mr.H travels the world

Mr. H, my student and friend, has just left after coming to my house for coffee and dango on Easter Sunday. While he was here I showed him just what you can do with computers these days. If you’re new to this blog you won’t know that Mr. H is in his seventies and started to learn English a year ago with the goal of traveling around the world on […]

Visit Japan with Google Earth

Last month I got a new computer, a Windows Vista PC with enough power to run Google Earth! I’ve been playing with Google Maps a lot lately, particularly after I discovered you can manually alter the zoom level to go in further than you thought possible, like this section of Africa in which you can clearly see a man with his camel. Google Earth is even more fun than playing […]