Earlier this year I started on, a website that offers printable flashcards and worksheets for teachers like me – ESL teachers on the front lines everyday, faced with an army of children and only a few ABC cards to defend ourselves with.

It was a slow start, but recently I’ve given ESL Kids a facelift, added a lot of new flashcard sets and made a worksheet generator. Just today in fact, I uploaded alphabet and body part cards.

I have a great team of artists who are busy drawing new flashcards, and more and more people are visiting the site for the first time. I’m even starting to get emails from various countries requesting new songs, pictures and what not.

There’s nothing more rewarding than positive feedback, and I’ve had plenty of that for my other websites. For example:

Wow! These are great! Thanks for making it easier to get math worksheets for my 2nd and 5th grade children.

I am a sister in high school making worksheets for my sister in elementary school … I really think that this website is a good way to help her learn! I would reccomend this website to every teacher and every parent I know!

I would just like to say thank you for your site. My son who’s 7 years old struggles with his handwriting. I have been looking on different sites for something to help him and this is the best one I’ve found so thank you again. P.S. i also appreciate it being free.

Hello my 3 year old wanted to do dot to dot words but had bought the ‘wrong magazine’. Precocious yes. You just saved us from a tantrum! And she can have a go at all of her cousins’ names. She is very pleased with herself!

This is an excellent resource to help improve student handwriting and word recognition.

I am thrilled so find your website and have made several worksheets for my kindergarteners to practice their names. What a time saver!!

Just used the Writing Wizard worksheets to make some name practice sheets for my special needs students. What a user-friendly and useful resource. Many thanks!

I just found your website. I really love the idea of being able to create custom worksheets for my son. I tried a practice worksheet containing individual letters, and he loved it.

I work for the Head Start program in Marion, Ohio. Just wanted to know if it would be OK for us to distribute this to the families that we work with that are interested in helping their children learn how to write.

It makes my day to get messages like these. Sometimes, I get so much enjoyment out of working on the websites, that I actually forget that people use the worksheets in real life! They are actually used in homes and classrooms, and the children using them enjoy them and learn from them, too!

I look forward to growing and bringing happiness and knowledge to more children, just as my other sites have done so far.

If you like, you can find me on Twitter at @nick_ramsay. I'd love to hear from you!