Since I wrote about my Dot Com Lifestyle, I’ve had people me asking exactly what I do for a living, and I even found my name mentioned along with mega-bloggers Darren Rowse, Steve Pavlina and John Chow, in author A. Dawn’s Personal Finance Journal! 😯 The latest project I promised to keep you all informed about my latest website, Writing Workbooks, which I’ve been building with my mum. It’s full […]


The paint is still wet on JapanSoc, but I’ve managed to get another new website online. This time, I’ve picked the little covered topic of oshibori origami, or what I like to call oshiborigami. I’m talking about making animals, food and other exotic items from those wet hand towels you’re given in Japanese restaurants. is a fun tutorial site with videos and photos to show each step of the […]

ESL Writing Wizard – 5000 worksheets!

In the autumn of 2005 I launched the ESL Writing Wizard and the following spring I added the ability for teachers and parents to ‘publish’ the worksheets they made. While they have the option to make their worksheets public, many of them have. Today, I’m proud to announce that the site has reached a landmark figure of 5,000 published worksheets. I started the ESL Writing Wizard when I was working […] update

Earlier this year I started on, a website that offers printable flashcards and worksheets for teachers like me – ESL teachers on the front lines everyday, faced with an army of children and only a few ABC cards to defend ourselves with. It was a slow start, but recently I’ve given ESL Kids a facelift, added a lot of new flashcard sets and made a worksheet generator. Just today […]