Baby Department Store

Baby department storeAcross from where they are building the new shopping center is a four-storey department store for baby stuff. Although I’ve passed it everyday on the way to work for the past two years, I never realized just how great it was! I was kicking myself after spending loads on teaching toys at Toys-R-Us, when I could have got them here much cheaper!

They’ve got everything from diapers, milk products, maternity clothes and high-tech pushchairs, to toddler tuxedos and some amazing Japanese dolls for Hinamatsuri, or the Doll’s Festival in March. I’ll take a picture next time I’m there.

Anyway, as soon as we were both off work, (a rare event when you teach six days a week and your wife works 12-hour shifts at the hospital on a random schedule!), I took Mami to see the store for herself. She was as surprised as I was to see just how much there was, but she managed to control her spending, coming away with just some stretchy underwear, and calcium supplements.

With the baby due in late July, you can be sure this will be where we’ll be spending our limited free time until then.

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  1. Do you know the name of the store? My wife and I live in Fussa-shi (about 450km away) and are hoping that maybe there is another one of them somewhere closer to us.

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