My home in the countryside

My first five years in Japan were spent living in downtown Nagoya, among the skyscrapers, train stations and other concrete structures. Most parks were simply gravel areas for kids to run around on. Now, nearly ten years after coming to Japan, I’m living in what the Japanese would call ‘the countryside’. So I thought I’d post a few pictures from around my neighborhood. Bear in mind that by ‘countryside’, I mean ten minutes drive from Kakamigahara city center! Still, it’s a world apart from Nagoya.

Our street

This is our street.

Our area

A view of our neighborhood.

Our area

And in the other direction. Mountains all around!

Local temple

The local temple, and an area for the old folks to play boules or petanque!

Shrine gate

A short walk to our local shrine.


And, erm, this is it! Not exactly Kyoto, but rather quaint!

Our neighborhood

Rice fields.

Our neighborhood

Sohara park on the edge of Gifu Country Club.

Our neighborhood

And looking the other way.

Out with Mami

A rare shot of Mami! Wow, you don’t see too many of these on this blog!


So maybe this is a side of Japan you don’t see very often on the net. It’s where I live, and I love it!

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One thought on “My home in the countryside

  1. Nice pictures Nick!!! I cant wait to see your place in March and eat sausages with you and Keith!
    I think the cities in Japan are really overrated and I think its cool that you live out in the country side! I mean when you live in Japan its not like you are ever far from the city.
    There looks to be a lot of trees there and thats nice! mmmm I wish I was there!
    Wow Nick.. who’d have thunk it? As a young lad growing up in jolly ole England that you would one day have a smokin hot wife and home in the Japaneese country side! You’ve come a loooooooooooooooooooooooong way BABY!!!
    (by the way, visit my site!!!) I know im not supposed to do that but you know, you gotta have some fun! haha!!


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