Kancho – A Japanese pastime

“Kancho is the ancient art of clasping your hands together, and playfully poking your friend or enemy,…in the rear. It is also called “The Friendly Enema”, and is practiced by children in schoolyards and classrooms around the world. Kancho.org is dedicated to spreading the good news about Kancho.” Source: www.kancho.org

When Japanese kids first started shoving their fingers up my bum about ten years ago, I was more confused than shocked. I mean, why would they want to? I still don’t know, but it’s clear that they take great pleasure in doing so. While I’m still learning to avoid it, Az of www.gaijinsmash.net, and surely the king of kancho has mastered the art of kancho evasion. If you’re thinking of coming to Japan, this is his response:

As I said before, it’s a good experience. You learn a lot about yourself, Japan, and your own country (just by being away from it and seeing how others perceive it – not just Japanese, but all the people from different countries I’ve met while here). I’m definitely glad I came. Whether you want to come or not is up to you, but don’t let a few possible fingers up the ass deter you. Lighten up, and see the humor in it. And now that you know, you can do as I did, climbing Mt. Fuji and fine-tuning my Kancho Senseâ„¢ to a precise science. And then maybe you too can make a website about kids trying to grab your dick.

If you think everyone is making too much fuss about kancho, watch these videos from YouTube and think again.

If you can’t view the videos, go to YouTube: First Vid | Second Vid

Boong-Ga Boong-Ga Kancho gameIt seems kancho-ing someone in public is not as acceptable as perhaps it used to be, so they’ve made a video arcade game called Boong-Ga Boong-Ga so people can kancho all they like. I don’t know about you, but I’m worried my kindergarten kids will start training on this thing, and as one commenter said on TokyoMango, “I wonder if they’re ever gonna make a Nintendo Wii version of this game?” Now that is a scary thought! Read more about Boong-Ga Boong-Ga at Seanbaby.com.

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