Baby in Progress – It’s a boy!

Since I found out that I’m gonna be daddy, I’ve been posting pictures of the progress Peanut has been making. Today, Mami and I found out that Peanut is a boy! Neither of us minded either way, but I’m quite excited about the prospect of teaching him to ride a bike and play soccer.

We got loads of baby clothes from friends of Mami’s mum, but they’re all pink! Oh dear, Peanut, please forgive us! Hmm… maybe this will help him dance like his old man.

The best thing about today was I got to see a video of our little 12cm baby moving around inside Mami’s tummy. Because of work I couldn’t go to the maternity clinic with Mami, so seeing a videotape of him was great. If I can figure out a way to get the footage from the video player downstairs to my computer upstairs, I’ll post it on the net for you all to see. In the meantime, here are a couple of new pictures:

Peanut at 17 weeks

Peanut: legs on the left, head on the right.
Peanut at 17 weeks
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7 thoughts on “Baby in Progress – It’s a boy!

  1. Thats cool Nick!!! I hear boys are easier to raise anyway, well unless you get stuck with a retard like me!! Haha!!! Ganbatte Otosan!!

  2. Congratulations Nick and Mami. We’re thrilled at the prospect of baby grandson. Grandad will be able to play football with him when he grows a bit
    Lots of love mum and Dad

  3. Its a shame its not a girl, he he! but perhaps we could do sumo wrestling together and I could teach him to cook sushi.

    Love Mark

  4. Hey, the whole family is here on my blog. My mum, dad and brother Mark! If you guys keep commenting, I might just have to start another blog especially for Peanut, then you’ll be able to stay up-to-date with his antics on a daily basis. He’d be the world’s youngest blogger at minus 4 months old!

  5. Hi Nick just read latest baby blog Congrats! great to hear you and Mami are having a boy! I would suggest changing the clothes you already have – don’t wanna confuse the little fella!
    Take care of yourselves

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