Rikuto’s Diary April 12th 2008

Hello everybody. Daddy says I can write on his blog. He thinks that at my age (8 and a half months) I should learn to touch type. I think he’s wrong. My fingers are too short and chubby. I can do it with my toes, though. My first teeth I have two teeth now. One is a bit yellow. Mummy thinks I have an “enamel defect”. She keeps brushing it. […]

Rikuto at One Day Old

I previously posted a video of Rikuto at 3 weeks old, believing it was the earliest footage of our son that we had. However, the other day I was playing with my phone when I discovered, buried deep within its memory banks, a video I had taken just 24 hours after he was born! I guess I’m becoming really forgetful in my thirties. 😕 Here is never before seen footage […]

Rikuto in March 2008

Ricky is developing more of a personality by the day, and it’s great watching him develop. He’s started practicing with a toothbrush even though he doesn’t have any teeth yet, he’s eating a variety of mushy foods, and can finally roll on to his front. Here are a few recent clips: If you can’t see the video, you can watch it here on YouTube. If you like, you can find […]

Rikuto Eats His Toys

Our 6-month-old son, Rikuto, just won’t stop putting things in his mouth. He has to taste everything! If he doesn’t have his dummy, then he’s chewing on his hands or bib. In this video, watch him much away on his toys! If you can’t view the video, watch it here on YouTube. If you like, you can find me on Twitter at @nick_ramsay. I’d love to hear from you!

Rikuto Turns 6 Months Old

My first post this year about our son, Rikuto, marks six months since he was born. He has grown a lot in that time and is now sitting up, eating crackers and some slimy stuff that looks like mango curry. He also seems to be favoring some toys over others and growing bored of his previous favorites. He loves to be held and is incredibly restless until someone picks him […]

Life Changing Moments from 2007

2007 was an eventful year, starting with fortune teller Kazuko Hosoki predicting that it would be the best year for me in over a decade. I’m not really into astrology, but she wasn’t far off with that prediction. My Top 5 Life Changing Moments from 2007 5. Taking better care of my health On July 1st, I put out my last cigarette. With a baby on the way, I wanted […]

Rikuto Playing the Keyboard #1

Earlier this year I bought myself a little electronic keyboard so I could make up some children’s songs for my ESL classes. Like most things I spend my money on, it rarely got used… until now. Watch Rikuto play the piano for the first time ever at four and a half months old. I’d say he’s pretty good for his age! If you can’t view the video, watch it here […]