Give Me a Bed Already!

Wooden beds from Wooden-Bed.comWhen you have a one-month old baby in the house, it’s hard to get much sleep. It also doesn’t help when you have to sleep on a futon. Trying to sleep on a hard mattress, no thicker than a paperback book, with the sound of a baby crying ringing in your ears makes you wish you had a big, comfortable, wooden bed.

It just so happens that offer exactly that. Natural wooden beds and a mattress collection with new visco elastic memory foam! In fact, I felt sleepy just looking at all the beds – pine, oak, ash, walnut, teak, maple, beech, cherry and mahogany beds! I still can’t decide which I like better, the mahogany in the picture, or the Pine Beds. At prices up to 40% cheaper than those you’ll find in high street stores, I know I could find a replacement for my old futon.

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3 thoughts on “Give Me a Bed Already!

  1. mmm yeah, Im in the same dilemma, I mean their are so many choices… how could I ever choose between pine, cherry, or mahogany etc…. I guess I will just have to buy two!

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