Rikuto’s New Clothes

Rikuto’s grandparents in England sent him some nice new clothes, which should fit him perfectly by the time Christmas comes around. You can see how happy he was in the photo below. The card that came with them read:

Dear Ricky,

I have sent you this little outfit. I know you will look so cute in it. I have loved looking at all your photos and videos. You have grown such a lot in one month. I do wish I could see you and hold you in person. Perhaps next year. Your grandad and uncle Mark send their love.

Lots of love and kisses,
your very proud granny

Rikuto's new clothes
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3 thoughts on “Rikuto’s New Clothes

  1. Rikuto looks so cute in his new outfit especially in his first pair of jeans. I can’t wait for him to grow into it.

  2. My parents went through exactly the same thing… Two children born in Japan whilst they lived in Canada. Its pretty difficult for them.

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