Rikuto Wearing New Hat and Mittens

Here’s a lovely picture of Rikuto sat on the sofa, sporting a cute hat, mittens, and “I Luv My Mum” socks, courtesy of his Aunty Emma and Uncle Mark. The colorful clothes he’s wearing are part of Mami’s Yahoo Auctions haul. Mami’s online activities also won him a little Big-o-Ball to go with the larger version he got when we went shopping. Doesn’t he look like a couch potato? 😉 […]

Rikuto Wearing Clothes from Granny

On September 9th, I posted a photo of Rikuto’s new clothes, which he got from his granny and grandad in England. If you go back and take a look at that picture, you’ll see how small he was then. If he had worn the clothes, they would have drowned him! Now, just two and half months later, they fit him perfectly, and even though t-shirt and shorts aren’t really suitable for […]

Rikuto Wins Baby Clothes in Yahoo Auction

Mami recently plucked up the courage to bid in an auction over at Yahoo! Japan. The world’s largest auction site is eBay, but it doesn’t even exist in Japan, probably due to the overwhelming success of Yahoo! Auctions. To stop herself getting carried away, Mami claims to never bid over 100 yen. That’s just 90 cents to those of you who think in US dollars. Anyway, even with such a low spending limit, she won her first […]

Rikuto’s New Clothes

Rikuto’s grandparents in England sent him some nice new clothes, which should fit him perfectly by the time Christmas comes around. You can see how happy he was in the photo below. The card that came with them read: Dear Ricky, I have sent you this little outfit. I know you will look so cute in it. I have loved looking at all your photos and videos. You have grown […]