When One Life Just Isn’t Enough…

Nikorasu RevnikFor a while there I managed to avoid the virtual world of Second Life, knowing full well that if I gave it a try I’d be sucked into the world’s greatest timesink. Anyway, curiosity got the better of me and I ended up registering and created the character Nikorasu Revnik.

It’s difficult to understand what Second Life is until you jump in and try it for yourself. Basically, it’s a computer generated world, filled with thousands of real people using their characters, or avatars, to interact with each other.

The whole concept of living a virtual life sounds really geeky, but in the last couple of decades we’ve seen such geeky things as computers and mobile phones become the norm, so who’s to say virtual reality won’t be a part of our daily life within the next few years? With that in mind, I’ve jumped into Second Life, ready to explore all the ways I can make some money from it. 😉

My virtual padSecond Life has its own economy. You can buy Linden dollars with real money and use them to buy anything from land to virtual dance moves. With nearly 10 million people registered and close to 50,000 people online at any one time, businesses such as Dell and Georgio Armani have set up “virtual” shop in Second Life for “real” business.

Right now I’m just testing the waters, but I’ve already bought a small plot of land, so if you’re in Second Life, look me up!

If you’re interested in joining Second Life (it’s free), visit the official website. If you need any motivation to join, how about this picture of me at the nude beach?

The only nude person at the nude beach is me!

If you like, you can find me on Twitter at @nick_ramsay. I'd love to hear from you!

6 thoughts on “When One Life Just Isn’t Enough…

  1. Once you see something, you cannot unsee something. And I see a naked Nick 😕

    I’ve stayed away from the Matrix 1.0 because it never really appealed to me. I already interact with people online through IRC and other formats, so a semi-interactive environment never really appealed to me. Unless it has a golf course ….

      1. LOL, I know the feeling. That Pangya link looks interesting. I’m awful at real golf but I might be better on a virtual golf course. You see, anything is possible in a virtual world! In Second Life, I can go ballroom dancing and look like a pro, but in real life I have to pay for lessons each week and look like an amateur!

  2. Geez Nick, us older people have been doing this “Second Life” thing for years and years and it is called ‘Acid” and works really well haa haa haa!!
    For twelve hours (Depending on which one you take!) you can wallow away in a world filled with colours and never have to worry about turning the TV/computer on!!
    Just watching the screen is fun in itself and I have to say that ”Reality is for people who can’t handle the SECOND LIFE” haa haa haa!!
    As for the “Nude” Nick mmmmmm what can I really say mmmmm please please please get out some more my good but slightly twisted friend haa haa haa!!
    PS. Could you possibly put some real sexy nude women in the next picture?????

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