Japanese Cell Phone Providers in Second Life

I’ve already taken a look at some of Second Life’s Japanese sightseeing spots, so for this post I thought I’d look at the business side of things and see what the Japanese cell phone providers are doing in this virtual world. First up was NTT DoCoMo, who have a very prominent tower in the center of their 3D island, and around it is an “Advanced Technology” room, a museum, a shop and […]

Sightseeing in Second Life Japan #2

Last time I went Sightseeing in Second Life Japan, I showed you Kumamoto Castle, Osaka Castle and Tokyo Tower. This time, Aleister Kronos pointed out that a faithful reproduction of Himeji Castle is under construction.  Himeji Castle is part of Japan’s great cultural heritage located around 650 kilometers west of Tokyo. The castle is nicknamed “White Heron” because of its white plaster walls, plaster being a useful safeguard against fire in […]

Sightseeing in Second Life Japan

The virtual reality world of Second Life is full of clubs, bars, beaches and bedrooms in which people interact in all manner of virtual ways and even positions, but there is more to Second Life than its “in your face” seedy side. I decided to go searching for some of Japan’s famous landmarks to see if they had been recreated in the 3D world. Here are a few pictures of […]

Learning About Second Life

I’m very much hooked on Second Life at the moment. That means I’ve subscribed to a number of Second Life and virtual reality related blogs, and have been watching some videos on YouTube to find some places I haven’t visited yet. One such place was Princeton University, which has been recreated in Second Life. Princeton has created one of the biggest areas in the virtual world, spanning seven “islands” and […]

When One Life Just Isn’t Enough…

For a while there I managed to avoid the virtual world of Second Life, knowing full well that if I gave it a try I’d be sucked into the world’s greatest timesink. Anyway, curiosity got the better of me and I ended up registering and created the character Nikorasu Revnik. It’s difficult to understand what Second Life is until you jump in and try it for yourself. Basically, it’s a […]