Midori by Moonlight

Buy Midori by Moonlight at AmazonOut of the blue, I received an email from Wendy Nelson Tokunaga, the author of the novel Midori by Moonlight. While I had never heard of it before, the description in Wendy’s email made it sound like the reverse of this blog. Mine is a story of a handsome (!) young Englishman who followed his heart to the land of the rising sun in search of an asian bride and a career in ESL. On the other hand, Midori by Moonlight

tells the story of fresh-from-Japan Midori Saito who finds herself lost in translation in San Francisco as she searches for her American Dream and the perfect dessert.

So far, it has received glowing reviews over on Amazon, which has the following editorial review from Publishers Weekly:

Aspiring Cinderella Midori Saito does not heed her mother’s warning-“Running off with a foreigner will bring you nothing but trouble”-in Tokunaga’s delectably frothy debut. Trouble is exactly what Midori finds after following English teacher Kevin Newbury from her native Japan to San Francisco, where Prince Charming quickly becomes Prince Alarming after a nightmarish engagement party. After Kevin dumps her to return to his ex-girlfriend, Midori doesn’t want to tell her parents or return to Japan, although with little savings, no green card and only a temporary visa, she may have to. Fortunately, Kevin’s old friend Shinji Nishimura, who met Midori at the ill-fated party, offers Midori refuge while she figures out her next moves-she’s a talented baker-and Shinji ponders his. Tokunaga, author of the self-published No Kidding, depicts Midori’s determination to create her own version of the American dream with exuberance.

According to Wendy, Midori by Moonlight is available at bookstores or online. I personally recommend you get it from Amazon, therefore earning me a few cents in the process! If you’re in Japan, Wendy says it’s available here, too. You can get more info from WendyNelsonTokunaga.com.

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