Rikuto On His Front

At three months old, Rikuto’s neck is getting stronger and stronger. His head still wobbles occasionally, but now I can put him on my chest while I lay back on the sofa, and watch him move his head around like a tortoise.

Since I’m just posting a photo, Rikuto would like to take this opportunity to say a big hello to his granny, grandad, and uncle Mark in the U.K. He hasn’t met them yet, but they are following his progress via this blog, and are undoubtedly his biggest fans!

Rikuto on his front

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5 thoughts on “Rikuto On His Front

    1. Mike, beside him mum and me, you’ve seen more of Rikuto than anyone else in the world! Sure, maybe it was vwith a webcam, but it was real life you know! Unless he’s a “virtual” baby, and his smelly diapers suggest he’s not. 😯

  1. Thats cool but it would be different being in a room with him as opposed to watching him through a crappy webcam! Oh well, maybe next year I will make it over there!

    I wonder if Rikuto will go through this blog and see all of our comments and stories about him.. that’s a really cool thing about having a blog… now people can have their whole lives recorded… and read about it 20 years later if they want… Im sure he will appreciate this when he’s an adult! I’d love to see pictures and read the thoughts of my parents when I was just a toddler.

    To “Future Rikuto”, if you are reading this now, you are so lucky! From “Mike of the Past”

    1. If your parents had a blog, would you read it?

      I’ve thought about this a few times in the past and, aside from the few days before and after my birth, I don’t think I would spend the time reading what my parents wrote.

      Perhaps it’s just me, though. I have at least one sister that would have read every blog post my father would have written had the internet (and blogging) been invented 25 years earlier 😛

      Nice photo, Nick. Has your sleep schedule returned to normal, yet? Hopefully the airshow isn’t keeping you awake right now 😛

      1. I would love for my parents to start a blog, but I’d only read it if were about them, not about their favorite TV shows or whatever.

        My sleep schedule is better, but I’m usually sleeping from 3am – 11am, something brought on more from my job than being a dad.

        The airshow actually woke me up today 🙁

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