Rikuto’s First Christmas

It’s late afternoon on Christmas Day 2007, and Ricky is having a nap as I write this. Our son has just turned five months old and woke up this morning to his first Christmas. Unlike the rest of Japan, we are fortunate not to have work or school today so are making the most of it.

Santa Claus got in through the front door

Santa took a photo of himself!Japanese houses don’t have chimneys, but last night Santa must have come in through the front door because my wife spotted him delivering presents and placing them under the Christmas tree.

I didn’t believe her, but not only did we have more presents, he had cheekily taken a photo of himself with my own camera!

Rikuto sits up by himself for the first time

The video below, or here on Youtube, shows Rikuto trying to sit up by himself. This is the first time he has had any real success at sitting up, and although he still needs some practice, it’s clear he’ll be doing it with ease very soon. Also in the video, you can see Ricky and me play with one of his Christmas presents from Santa.

Merry Christmas everybody!

I’m going to stop blogging for the rest of the day and go and do what us Brits do best – eat chocolate and drink beer. Tonight we’re going to log back on and make a Christmas toast over the webcam with my family in England, open some more presents and maybe watch a Christmas video if Rikuto will let us. Okay then, Merry Christmas everybody! Enjoy your day!

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3 thoughts on “Rikuto’s First Christmas

  1. That photo of Santa is a real scoop Nick but mmmmmm I would know that nose anywhere!!! It’s obvious that it is Santa’s nose!!!!!


  2. That Santa looks like he has a rug glued to his face! Gee I wonder who he could be… hmmm I wonder!!! I WONDER!!!!

    As always Rikuto looks really cute!

  3. Gosh Nick. Rikuto is really growing up. It has been lovely showing Granny all the videos over the last few days. She thinks he is gorgeous too especially as Father Christmas. I reckon He is going to start the New Year sitting on his own

    luv Mum

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