Two Front Teeth

I just heard that my poor dad tripped on the pavement while running for the bus and knocked his two front teeth out. I do hope he gets well soon. In the meantime, here’s a little ditty to cheer him up: If you can’t view the video, watch it here on YouTube. Update: My dad’s got a new set of pearly whites, and my mum wrote an entertaining poem about […]

Don’t Promise Your Kids a Toy this Xmas

I’m still reading through books on influence and persuasion, and in particular, how companies sucker consumers into buying their latest products. Here’s a tip I learned that I’d like to share with parents who might soon be asking what their children want for Christmas. Christmas sales and the after-shock The run up to Christmas is booming business for toy stores, but what happens in the couple of months after they […]

Rikuto’s First Christmas

It’s late afternoon on Christmas Day 2007, and Ricky is having a nap as I write this. Our son has just turned five months old and woke up this morning to his first Christmas. Unlike the rest of Japan, we are fortunate not to have work or school today so are making the most of it. Santa Claus got in through the front door Japanese houses don’t have chimneys, but […]

Ramsay Ramblings 12/6/2007

There are a few things I’d like to ramble about this morning (2:30am!). The word “Half” – to allow it or not Mami and I were talking about what to tell Rikuto about the word, “half”. If you missed my post, Half-Japanese or Half-Blood?, this English word is used by Japanese people to describe someone who is only part Japanese. Foreigners despise this word because the English implications are not complete, impure, or even […]

Japanese Style Christmas Cards

Walking around the shops the other day, I saw that Christmas goods are already for sale - in mid-October, in a country that doesn’t even celebrate Christmas (they celebrate Kentucky Fried Chicken instead).  It’s not really a surprise to see the biggest commercial festival of the year starting well before the event itself, but I am surprised to see all the Christmas cards… With a tradition of New Year’s post cards (nengajou), sending greetings cards like we do back home isn’t common practice […]

Christmas party weekend

This last week has been pretty hectic. The weekend was dominated by Christmas parties with my school’s children’s party on Saturday, another school’s party on Sunday morning, and a party for my adult students on Sunday night. The first party was a bit crazy. There were about 45 kids and we played all kinds of games including pass the parcel, cake walk, Christmas fruit basket and bingo, and managed to […]

It’s a KFC Christmas.

When I first came to Japan, I was told that Kentucky Fried Chicken, or simply ‘Kentucky’ as it’s known in Japan, is a Christmas tradition. I was told that people flock to KFC for their annual Christmas Eve dinner. I didn’t really take it seriously until I saw people lining up for three blocks one Christmas Eve, just to get their dose of chicken! Although it exists, turkey isn’t common […]