The Life and Times of Michael McKinlay

Mike McKinlay is a name my longterm readers will know very well. For a full year, Mike was this blog’s top commentator and most avid reader. For a little while there, he lost his blogging mojo when Google robbed him of his PageRank, and thus the income he was earning from paid reviews dried up.

His name is Michael McKinlay and he’s going to the moon!

MichaelMcKinlay.comNow, my “Net Buddy 4 Life” has picked himself up, dusted himself off, and is back in the game. He has abided by Google’s new play book, and got his PageRank back. He’s also on a roll, writing up a review of his recent drive from Calgary to Arizona, spilling the beans on what really happened in Las Vegas.

The Japan connection

Mike makes nearly annual visits to Japan, and was previously an ESL teacher here. He also worked for a Japanese company in Canada (details undisclosed!) and still maintains an interest in all things Japanese. Some of his Japan related articles are Tarako, You Japanese Girls Have Me Hypnotized, his thoughts on Japanese Cosplay, and his reaction to the Mitsubishi Delica Space Gear.

It’s not just good, it’s Michael McKinlay!

Mike shares a lot of personal experiences with us, and that’s what I like most about his blog. I do have one suggestion for him that would shoot his blog to stardom, and that would be to reveal a little more than what we get to see. Mike and I are regularly talking over the net, and I know he leads a bachelor’s life that most men would envy! I’m sure that he’d be a celebrity in the blogosphere, and reach “A-list blogger” status if he just shared some of his secrets! 😀

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3 thoughts on “The Life and Times of Michael McKinlay

  1. Thanks for the review Nick and thanks for the suggestions! I will definitely consider them. It’s fine line knowing what is appropriate, and what isn’t. Perhpas you can give me some more suggestions for future posts the next time we chat!

  2. Now this could really unleash a wave of interest from every man out there haa haa haa!! Nick is spot in saying that we should hear a little more of the “Down in the dirt stuff” as our good friend Mike has plenty to tell haa haa haa!!!
    He does lead an interesting life but i can assure every person who reads what he may put up on his blog, that he is a gentleman and has a sense of humour that is quite different to say the least.
    So C’mon Mike and give us married men and women the spicy tit-bits and make us all laugh!! Some of the stories Mike has told me over the years have really cracked me up and I think he has not written about them for fear of upsetting some people.
    Cut loose and it will be what it will be Mike!!!! Naturally your blog traffic will increase and make you millions and so famous that every Japanese talk/game show will be begging for you!!! (okay a little over the top but at least a little famous!!)

    1. Thanks for the encouragement Keith! I will definitely try to spice up my blog but of course there are limits! Maybe one day I’ll get the kind of traffic that longcountdown sees.

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