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For anyone who has been patient enough to wait 7 years for a new blog post, thank you! Blogging used to be cool. We built whole communities around it. Very few of us were experts on anything. We just enjoyed writing about our experiences – mine being in Japan, where I still am – and shared comments of support. Somewhere along the way, big social media sites took off and […]

JET Teacher Rocking in Hakata, Ehime

Among many things, Deas Richardson is an English teacher on the JET (Japan Exchange and Teaching) programme. That alone makes his blog essential reading for any prospective Japan-bound JET participant, and there’s plenty more to satisfy anyone with a keen interest in Japan. The man behind the blog Describing Deas is best left to his students who had this to say: Deas seems smart, which surprises me. Deas is 22 […]

Japan It Up Before You Leave

Before I talk about Japan It Up, a new blog that has already made its mark in the Japan bloggers’ community, I have to get something off my chest… How anonymous should an anonymous blog be? Recently, I’ve come across a number of bloggers who choose to use codenames to hide their identity. Two that come to mind are JDonuts blogger, Contamination, and the author of Japan It Up, Smoother. […]

A Typical Life… In Japan

Shane was one of the first people to register at JapanSoc, and has been active in the community ever since. Some of the many articles she’s submitted come from her own blog, A Typical Life. This is a site she started in November of last year, but Shane has been working hard to fill it with meaningful content, mostly related to Japan, as that is where she will be spending […]

Tips and Tricks for Survival in Japan

One of the first blogs I ever subscribed to was LifeHacker, a blog jammed with tips and tricks to increase productivity. When it comes to living in Japan, the equivalent blog would be NihonHacks, a collection of time and money-saving tips for foreign students, visitors or “lifers”. Top Tips and Tricks from NihonHacks NihonHacks is the work of Thomas Hjelm, a former exchange student and current JET teacher in Hyogo. […]

JapanSoc Voting Button for Blogs

By now you’ll know that I’ve started a social bookmarking site for everything Japan-related. If you’ve registered for JapanSoc and write about Japan on your own blog, then you’ll probably want this Digg-style voting button on your site. Update: The WordPress plugin for this button is now available directly from WordPress. Read about the updates here: New JapanSoc it! Button. April 14th, 2009. What does the button do? It allows […]

Blogging, beer and bugs

I’m back in the classroom this week for a new school year, and my students are a year older than they were last month. During my week off, I kept myself busy working on my new technology blog, which sees me, as Spud Oregon, reviewing tech-related websites and giving blog owners a chance to get free links by giving ‘rice’. On the subject of blogging, my article on High-tech […]