What Software Do You Use to Edit Photos?

The scary mascotYou remember I wrote about the controversial mascot for Nara’s Heijo-Kyo anniversary, right? Well Tokyo Mango picked up the same story and posted the photo you can see here. Clearly the little girl is frightened out of her skin at the sight of the antler-inflicted Buddha guy… or is she?

Seeing isn’t believing

It turns out that this picture was “photoshopped”, a word used to describe an image edited (or in this case, faked) with the popular graphics program, Adobe Photoshop. Quite why such an expensive piece of software is so popular its name gets used as a verb, I have no idea, but it seems everyone has a copy… literally. 😉

How do you edit your photos?

I’m stuck with an old version of Paint Shop Pro, which is way cheaper than Photoshop and can do almost as much, but how about you guys? What do you edit your photos with?

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10 thoughts on “What Software Do You Use to Edit Photos?

  1. Well for quick resize/resample, recompressions or format changes I use Irfanview.
    For quick touch ups like colour levels, red eyes, cropping, brightness/contrast and simple filters, I use Elements 6.0 or Paint.Net.
    For advance stuff like layering, masks and creating hoaxes, Photoshop CS2
    (still can’t get used to CS3) and Illustrator for vectoring.

  2. Wow it looks real to me. Anyway I haven’t figured it out yet but GIMP is a free program that you can download and basically does the same thing as Photoshop. One of these days I will figure it out! I swear!

    1. I’ve heard GIMP is a full-blown graphics editor, which probably means it would take a while to learn. Free is good, though. I just downloaded and tried out Ricardo’s suggestion, Irfanview, and I like it a lot. It’s also free, lightweight and probably does everything you need, Mike.

      1. I used GIMP while trying out Ubuntu, but found it insanely inferior to Photoshop. Although I could do quite a few things with the program, I could not handle layers the way I wanted, work with tints, modify noise levels or properly kill red-eye on some of my older picture scans.

        That said, I did manage to purchase Adobe Photoshop CS2 a while back, and it’s been good to me for a long time. That’s what I use for the big stuff in Windows, and I’ll use ImageReady for the very basic stuff like cleaning up an image. If I only need to resize something, there’s nothing faster or more memory-friendly than Paint. It’s sorely limited in its abilities, but when all you need is a quick resize or a 90-degree image rotation, Paint can load, edit, save and close before Photoshop has even finished scanning for plugins 😛

  3. I use Paint Shop Pro too and still get confused at anything but some simple editing. It’s something that I want to get better at.

    I do hate when things are ‘photoshopped’! It takes away from the integrity of all photos when you have to question whether it’s real or not.

  4. I’m not good at all at graphic design, but I am starting to learn Gimp.

    I love open source. Its not just that it is free, often it is better and they don’t purposely limit you like proprietary software often does (a certain Redmont company comes to mind…)

  5. No-one here has mentioned Google Picasa. Has anyone tried it? How does it measure up? I’ve tried downloading it before, but it defaulted to Japanese… so I defaulted back to Paint Shop Pro 🙄

    1. I have some friends that use Picasa on a regular basis, and they say it’s pretty good for their needs. Considering how they’re amateur photographers, I guess that means it’s relatively decent to get the most common types of editing done plus a little more.

      That said, because Photoshop and ImageReady do everything I need them to do, I haven’t tried Picasa myself.

  6. I got Roxio, Photoshop, Nero off of Pirates Cove so it depends on what I’m doing?

    I whipped-up a new blog header with Roxio today. Not the best but maybe the most “moron friendly”??

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