The Whirly Whirly Road

You’ve all seen photos of spaghetti junctions and double-decker expressways cutting through urban Japan, but on a recent trip out into the mountains, I came across what can only be described as a “whirly-whirly” road.

The Whirly Whirly Road #1

The purpose of this extravagant helter skelter of a street is to get you high enough to drive over the mountain it perches on. The problem is, it makes you so dizzy you’re quite likely to drive through the railing and hurtle into the trees and rivers below!

The Whirly Whirly Road #2

While you can marvel at the power of creative imagination and extraordinary engineering involved in building this monstrosity, you have to wonder what lies on the other side of the mountain; something so special it warranted spending exuberant amounts of taxpayers’ money on the construction of a road that’s tantamount to a fairground ride.

And then you see it, the treasure at the end of the “whirly whirly” road…

The treasure at the end of the whirly whirly road

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7 thoughts on “The Whirly Whirly Road

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  2. Where is that exactly Nick? Hey when I’m in Japan, why don’t you take me in your pink LaPin for a drive out there?

  3. Mike you will be able to go on the “Whirly-whirly road because it is right next to my house!! (Well on the way to my house!)
    Yes Shane, you are more than welcome to come on down as the beach is a 4 minute walk from my house and you are more than welcome to stay!
    The area is beautiful and that is the main reason why we bought down there. I have worked in ESL now for well over ten years and need a place to relax, surf, walk my doggy and chill with my very cool wife! Aaaah reggae music, the soft movement of trees in the wind and the gentle roll of the waves!


    PS Summer time will bring hordes of tourists but hopefully I will deal with that haa haa haa

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