Rikuto’s Diary April 12th 2008

My first teeth!Hello everybody. Daddy says I can write on his blog. He thinks that at my age (8 and a half months) I should learn to touch type. I think he’s wrong. My fingers are too short and chubby. I can do it with my toes, though.

My first teeth

I have two teeth now. One is a bit yellow. Mummy thinks I have an “enamel defect”. She keeps brushing it. She’s always sticking things in my mouth and nose. I really don’t like “nasal irrigation”.

My little cousin

I went to see cherry blossoms with grandma. She told me my aunty is going to give me a little cousin for Christmas. I wonder what that is. I hope it rattles.

My first baseball cap

Mummy got me a baseball cap. I eat it when she’s not looking. It’s yummy. Daddy has a baseball cap, too. We look funny together.

What did you say?

I don’t understand Daddy. He says things like “Did you do a poopy poopy in your poopy poopy pants?”. I think he should study English like Mummy.

Water in my eyes

I haven’t cried for twenty minutes. I have some catching up to do. Bye bye.

8 thoughts on “Rikuto’s Diary April 12th 2008

  1. Wow Rikuto! You are growing up fast. I couldn’t type at your age. You are a genius. You make sure you tell your Dad off if he does silly talk with you. You are too clever to be taken in by it. Keep the diary up I would love to read about more of your adventures.

    Lots of love

  2. Uhh excuse me Rikuto, I know you have to catch up on some crying but I think your neglecting your pooping responsibilities!!!! Why don’t you make a nice big poopy for Daddy? Make sure to do it about 2 minutes after Mummy leaves for the day, and then follow up with another, about 3 minutes after Daddy changes you. Oh and don’t forget to make both of them big and stinky! And if you really want to go for the Gold(and I really believe you should), make them so that it’s like a nuclear bomb went off in your pants. I believe in you Riki!!! Ganbare!

      1. Wonderful…. I sure hope he does when his Mummy leaves! I’ll be coaching him and encouraging him to do his best for Daddy! Maybe I’ll even give him some extra encouragement by giving him extra milk and medicine to help him “purge” his system.

  3. I remember when my niece has her teeth grew, she liked to bited anything…That time I have to be careful with her. Does Rikuto do the same ?

    1. Yes. He bites or sucks on absolutely everything. For example, if he’s sitting in his pushchair, he’ll lean forward and wrap his gums around the handlebar!

  4. one two one two one two this is uncle Mark calling from England this is a special report coming live from Crowborough, news alert we are running short of manure in sussex and the farmers are calling for help! please can you help us, it is life and death the food industry relies on you. We need three to four poops a day, over and out.

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