Ramsay Ramblings 4/21/2008

Is the weekend over already? Time seems to be flying these days. We are well into spring and the suzumushi (bell crickets) are piercing my brain with their high pitched singing. It must be time for some more Ramsay Ramblings!

5 yen a bag, or take a box for free!

Free cardboard boxes at supermarkets near you now!Today, my mother-in-law came by for a visit, but before she did, she stopped off to buy some groceries. Now, in some parts of the country, perhaps at selected supermarkets, they are charging 5 yen for every shopping bag you use. Apparently, by encouraging people to bring their own reusable bags, supermarkets can reduce the “billions of plastic bags [that] are choking our planet” (reuseablebags.com).

Personally, I’m not convinced that shoppers will take the bait, and supermarkets will make a small fortune off these 5 yen bag sales… or will they? It turns out that my mother-in-law opted for a free cardboard box, rather than pay the 5 yen!

Yes, free cardboard box. Why pay for a plastic bag when you can get a cardboard box for free? 🙄

Mike McKinlay stuck in Seattle for 24 hours

Net Buddy 4 Life, Mike McKinlay, should have been in Japan by now on the start of his three-week vacation. However, when I opened my email box, I got this…

Hey net buddy… I’m in Seattle right now.. and yes I’ve missed my plane.. remember that snow storm in Calgary? Well that probably made our plane late which made us miss our connection… Don’t ever complain to me about high winds ruining your honeymoon flight again! Sure, you missed your connections, but this has caused me a full 24 hour delay! Actually, nothing really good happened today… more bad news that I can tell you about later when i see you!

Mike, if you’re reading this from an airport somewhere, our thoughts are with you! Be strong Net Buddy!

Watch out or I’ll spam you!

I’m a regular commentator over on Jason Irwin‘s blog, but it seems I’m leaving comments without even knowing about it! In his post, Spammers Are Getting Stupid-er-er, Jason uses an example of someone spamming his site as me! Take a look, it really is amazing how far people will go these days!

Which looks better?

Don’t think for more than two seconds. Just look at these screen shots and tell me which you prefer.

Comparing Math Worksheet Wizard Styles

Those pictures are from my Math Worksheet Wizard website. I prefer one color/logo scheme while my wife prefers the other. This is what I do with my time. I make math worksheets. I’ve finished the kindergarten section and have most of first grade done. At this pace, I should have the whole elementary school math curriculum done by the end of September. Okay, I’m not a math teacher, but fortunately my mum is, and she’s kindly helping me along. Thanks mum! 🙂

That wraps up another Ramsay Ramblings. Thanks for reading!

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16 thoughts on “Ramsay Ramblings 4/21/2008

  1. I prefer the math sheet on the right. Looks brighter and more centred towards kids, IMHO.

    I feel bad for Mike. I had something a little similar happen when I was moving to Japan last July, and I swear it’s because Canadians just aren’t supposed to enter America. Every time I’ve gone to that country I’ve been blessed with food poisoning, overly agressive border guards, horrible parking conditions, $8.50 beers, or missing a flight due to Airline incompetence.

    Let’s hope Mike’s next problem involves being upgraded to business class, and having a sexy asian model sit next to him for the trip 😛

    1. It’s funny you should say that because Mike had great things to say about the U.S after his trip to Arizona. I wonder if this airport incident has changed his mind somewhat.

      By the way, I can now confirm he’s arrived in Japan and the rest of his trip was trouble-free. He’ll be in our area from Wednesday to Friday. If there’s still a chance to meet-up for a coffee, Jason, let me know! 🙂

      1. Will do.

        Reiko and I tie the knot this coming Thursday, though … so we’ll likely be running between Kakamigahara, Haba and Nagoya about 800 times between now and then.

        Hopefully we can all get together for coffee or something afterwards. Reiko has mentioned that she would like to meet “this Nick person” that I’m always talking about 😛

  2. At first Nick, I preferred the one on the right. However, I looked again and the left one did it for me due to the border around it. It looks a touch more professional!
    Yeah Mike rang me yesterday and as soon as I saw the strange number, just knew his flight was a no go. At least he was with Terumi and not alone bored out of his mind!

    1. Opinion seems to be divided on which looks best, so I’m going to go with the one on the right. I think it’s more suited to the “wizard” idea.

  3. Free cardboard box? I think you pay higher in the end because you have to dispose of this and it’ll take up your trash or recycling space which you pay for.

    Mike issue – that sucks

    Spam issue – that sucks

    I like the pic on the left better after looking for 2 seconds and not thinking.

      1. Reusing a box isn’t fashionable, though. I wouldn’t want to bring a box to a store unless it was foldable and said something other than “Tampax” on the side.

        Then again … that gives me an idea for a real business … 😕

  4. I like the purple and brighter yellow…

    Now about those shopping bags and boxes. I’m all for bringing back the furoshiki. What gives, it’s more environmentally friendly than either boxes or plastic bags, they are easy to take with you and they are pretty too – not to mention they are Japanese!

    1. That would be an interesting sight, watching everyone fold up their shopping in overgrown handkerchiefs. In fact, you should get someone to video you using a furoshiki to carry your groceries. That kind of video could go viral and before you know it, you’ll be invited on to a Japanese TV show! 🙂

  5. I think the one on the right is more appealing to children because of the colours and the one on the left is more appealing to adults.

    The reuseable plastic bag has really taken off in England. Supermarkets are actually giving away the strong ones which last for a few months and many people are buying canvas bags. Ordinary plastic bags are being fazed out all together.


  7. Keith are you implying be stranded in Seattle might be like being in hell? Think of all the wonderful things my home town has given us like Starbucks, Microsoft, Boeing…. Oh, I see your point!

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