Chorus Water, Deliciously Entertaining

I opened up our fridge and found a carton of Chorus Water! Yippee! The new Japanese soft drink from Morinaga Milk is the best!

Chorus Water from Morinaga Milk

I’d like to personally thank Chairman of Morinaga Milk, Mr. Ohno, and company president, Mr. Furukawa, for delivering such a tasty beverage. I just can’t stop singing its praises!

If you can’t see the video, you can watch it here on YouTube.

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15 thoughts on “Chorus Water, Deliciously Entertaining

  1. My God, Billywest said it all Nick! Mind you, that gave me a huge laugh and almost wanted to wake Mike up to see it! Will show him tomorrow and while I do not think you are losing it just yet Nick, you might be on the way haa haa haa!!

  2. All I can say is your have way more guts than me Nick! You have to get me really drunk to get me singing and if there is a video camera around I don’t think I could ever get that drunk!!!!

  3. Mike just saw the video and says “you are a stupid retar#” I of course am shocked to hear Mike say that and personally think you are soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo talented!!

  4. I just have to comment again to say it truly is funny Nick and one of your best postings!!!

  5. Wow Nick! What on earth is this? Is it just me or is there really no sound. I always thought you were a great actor. I’ve nearly changed my mind. Ha ha!

  6. well done to my clever little nephew thanks for waving at me i was really honnered and privilaged to be the first person you actually waved to i can now class myself on the same status as royal family shame about the earnings though. bye bye uncle mark p.s mum is also looking well to keep up the good work mum and dad

    1. Mark, welcome to the internet, and thanks for looking up my blog and leaving a comment. There are a couple of things you should know about blogs, though. First, when you leave a comment, make it relevant to the topic of the article. In this case, your comment should be about the deliciously entertaining Japanese drink called Chorus Water. Second, be aware that anyone who subscribes to this discussion is emailed all the comments, so you’ve just emailed a few people and told them about your Skype conversation with your little nephew. Don’t be embarrassed though, you’ll get the hang of this internet thing eventually. 😉

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