8 Fabbertastic Facts About Nick Ramsay

In an effort to introduce himself to his fellow Japan bloggers, Chris G has written eight random facts about himself, including one about a dangerous Jurassic goose.

Chris has tagged me to do the same, so here we go…

8 fabbertastic facts about me

  1. I am incredibly forgetful.
  2. I wake up at the sound of a pin dropping.
  3. My favorite PC game of all-time is the Sim City series.
  4. I am incredibly forgetful.
  5. I once tried to sell brand new Japanese Pokemon cards on eBay for $100 each. I sold zero.
  6. I hate eggs. I’m not allergic. I just can’t stand them. The shape, smell, and even the name makes me shiver!
  7. When I was in primary school, I played Jesus in the musical “Godspell”. As I was hanging on the cross at the end, I wet myself, and my disciples got covered in wee as they carried me aloft, down the aisle between the audience.
  8. I once made $100 at a Japanese university by clapping my hands for two minutes. It was part of an experiment to compare how clapping styles differed between Japanese and non-Japanese.
  9. I once made $800 by giving blood, urine and stool samples at a Japanese medical clinic. It was part of an experiment to compare how blood-clotting differed between Japanese and non-Japanese.

Passing on the meme…

Let me pass on the baton to Shane, Deas, and Billy West.

Here are the rules:

  1. People who are tagged need to write a post containing 8 random facts about themselves.
  2. At the end of the post you should name several other bloggers to be tagged.
  3. Leave a comment for the bloggers and link to your own post.
If you like, you can find me on Twitter at @nick_ramsay. I'd love to hear from you!

17 thoughts on “8 Fabbertastic Facts About Nick Ramsay

  1. LOL those poor disciples!
    Thanks for the response Nick 🙂

    Sim City 2000 was one of my favourite games. I’d always aim to get my Arcologies to launch into space. Good fun 😀

  2. Wow, it sure sounds like Japan is conducting a lot of meaningful and important experiments! I mean I’ve always wondered about the difference between Japanese and non-Japanese clapping styles. That’s groundbreaking stuff!

    Maybe the disciples can take their urine soaked clothes to Japan and get some cash money! They should be thanking you for peeing all over them!

    1. From that clapping experiment, I learned that Caucasian males tend to clap with their hands raised apart, then brought together in a downwards motion. Japanese clap by bringing their hands together in an upward motion. It’s scientific stuff, Mike!

  3. That must have been a very uh, religious moment for you and your disciples. I think that even beats your cyst story, that I won’t describe in detail since your friends and family members read this site.

    As to the Japanese research, I wish they would put their Nihonron crap to rest once and for all. It seems to me the only thing unique about the Japanese is their desperate need to prove that they are unique.

    But then again, I often play the bitter gaijin card, so maybe I’m being a little harsh here.

  4. Wow Nick!. I’m learning things about you I never knew. What’s this about being a light sleeper? I could never wake you up in the morning. I remember many a battle trying to get you out of bed.

    Haven’t we still got those very valuable cards?

    I can’t believe number 9

    1. I became a super light sleeper after Rikuto was born.

      Yes, you probably do have those Pokemon cards. You can keep them! 😉

      No.9 is very true, and I would have got five times more if I had qualified for the full tests. Unfortunately my asthma meant I had to settle for the $800.

  5. I have only just noticed the Godspell one. Did you really do that on the cross?

    Readers he is a fantastic actor. He really gets into the part as you can see

  6. My 8 random fact are now ready for public scrutiny…I also share an experience from a school play but with a Japan tie in and nobody got wet 😉

  7. Hi Nick!
    This is my first visit here, and I have to say that I love your style! I’ve enjoyed reading the Gomi-story (part 1 & 2)!

    And congrats to the one year anniversary!

    1. Yeah the Oh My Gomi! story is an LCD.com classic! Keep coming back to Nick’s site cause it rules Peter!

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