30 Years of Marriage… Twice!

This week my grandmother is celebrating an astonishing double Pearl anniversary. That’s 30 years of marriage, twice!

Once upon a time

…there was a beautiful young Italian girl named Liliana, who came to England, met a handsome young man called Jack, whom she married and spent the next 30 blissful years with.

What’s better than one pearl? Two pearls!

For most people, that would be enough. Every girl’s dream of marrying the perfect man, living in a nice house and raising an adorable family came true for my grandmother. However, a couple of years after granddad Jack passed away, in swooped another Englishman, ready to win over Liliana’s love, and take his new grandchildren to watch the footy. For that young girl from Senigallia, she got to live life all over again!

Liliana celebrates her double Pearl anniversary. Thirty years with each of her favorite men, Brian (left) and Jack (right).[/caption]

Best wishes from Japan

Mami, myself, and great-grandson, Rikuto, send our best wishes to Liliana and Brian. Congratulations on 30 years together. You’re an inspiration to our generation!

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6 thoughts on “30 Years of Marriage… Twice!

  1. You have done a brilliant job Nck. Your Granny will be so please to read it and I think the photo editing has worked very well. Good job. If she was still in England I would have informed the local paper but I don’t know how to do that in Italy

  2. Congratulations to Nick for an outstanding article on his grandmother and let’s hope that Nick and Mami make 30 years plus.

  3. Nice story Nick and congrats to your Grandparents and an extra congrats to your grandmother who is an inspiration to marriage!

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