30 Years of Marriage… Twice!

This week my grandmother is celebrating an astonishing double Pearl anniversary. That’s 30 years of marriage, twice! Once upon a time …there was a beautiful young Italian girl named Liliana, who came to England, met a handsome young man called Jack, whom she married and spent the next 30 blissful years with. What’s better than one pearl? Two pearls! For most people, that would be enough. Every girl’s dream of […]

Remembering our wedding

With all the excitement of Rikuto’s birth, I completely forgot about our second wedding anniversary! Mami and I tied the knot two years ago today, so I thought I’d take a little trip down memory lane and tell you about how special that day was. We officially registered our marriage on the 22nd, now Rikuto’s birthday, but had the ceremony on a warm, slightly overcast yet otherwise perfect Sunday in […]