Daily J Solutions for Lazy J-Bloggers

When I saw Tori’s blog post “A lazy J-blogger’s hack“, I couldn’t help but laugh out loud.

If an audience of “Japan bloggers” wasn’t unique enough, Tori has aimed his latest article directly at lazy Japan bloggers. Both my wife and my mother would say I’m the perfect example of a lazy Japan blogger, but I would have to argue that I’m not this lazy…

Soon we will be looking at 2009 and you will have to update the little copyright date on your blog…. look for the copyright year. Replace the copyright year with…

Tori then gives us a computer programmer’s solution to save us from changing that last digit in the date by hand. Brilliant!

But wait, there’s more! While I’m poking fun at Tori’s overzealous use of time-saving technobabble, I’ve just noticed the date in my own blog’s footer…

Maybe I am that lazy after all! 😳

Update: I’ve implemented Tori’s suggestion to update my date automatically after all!

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