Rikuto’s First Train Set

So I bought myself Rikuto a train set. It’s not a patch on the beautiful Hornby railway set that my dad made me when I was a child, but Tomy’s Plarail is a lot safer, which is important when you buy a one-year-old boy a toy made for 3-year-olds!

Plarail, or “Tomica World” as it’s known outside of Japan, is awesome. There’s a huge selection of trains from all over Japan, and the track is stackable so you can build amazing sets like in this video.

For now, I’ve settled with a rather simple design, and fortunately, Rikuto is so scared of the noisy, battery-powered train that flies around the track at unnatural speeds, that he won’t touch it! 😛

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8 thoughts on “Rikuto’s First Train Set

  1. You are so funny, Nick. Poor Rikuto! I am sure you are enjoying the train though. I well remember the trainset your dad set up in the loft. I used to lose you all for hours. Bliss! We only took it apart when we moved last year. I would love to see a photo of Ricky playing with the train when you have weened him onto it.

  2. I think most children love train. My nephew loves train too…He always ask his father to go to train museum every school holiday.

  3. Dad has just seen the video and your train set and he says will you ask Rikuto if he can pass it onto Grandad Don Don when he has finished with it.

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