Rikuto and Daddy Go Digging

Look what we did today!

Rikuto and Dad on a digger 1

And a bit closer…

Rikuto and Dad on a digger (close up)

Big thanks to the kind staff at Kakamigahara Caterpillar for letting two odd looking blokes waltz in off the street and request a demonstration. They even gave us a little digger to attach to my mobile phone. It’s got a movable diggy bit and zooms forward when you pull it back, making it the perfect companion for Ricky’s Choro-Q police car and fire engine:

Caterpillar accessory and Choro-Q cars

For those of you into Japanese toys, do you Choro-Q or Tomica?

Back to the subject of diggers, One of Rikuto’s books has a picture of the Hitachi EX8000 ultra-large excavator, one of the world’s biggest diggers. I wonder if they’d let us sit on it?

Hitachi EX8000

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7 thoughts on “Rikuto and Daddy Go Digging

  1. It’s so cool that they let you get into the digger! Did you get to operate it?

    Man, that would have made my day as a kid.

  2. Great pictures Nick. Ricky looks really bemused by it all. It was nice of the chap to let you sit on on the digger.

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