A Return to YouTube?

It’s been 8 years since my last video on the Long Countdown YouTube channel, and I’m sorely tempted to post something new. Living where I do, in central Japan, I’m well positioned to make my own lifestyle/travel/adventure videos, and I’m not that far off the magic 1,000 subscriber mark.

That said, if I did return to YouTube, I’d have to set some ground rules:

Be authentic

Just be me. That means no bragging, exaggerating or faking. I put on a happy face at work and don’t want to do it for YouTube as well. If I start uploading videos again, you’re going to see the real, raw, unedited Nick Ramsay.

KISS: Keep it Simple, Stupid

My old channel started out with simple videos, but over time got much fancier with title screens, transitions, GoPro video, time-lapses, music and excessive editing. It was time-consuming and eventually became too much of a chore to continue. Next time, I want to keep it simple.

Give the channel a purpose

Another reason I quit YouTube was because my chosen theme of running and hiking wasn’t really compatible with shooting video. I was training for races and the YouTube stuff was getting in the way of that. Besides, only top-level athletes get any traction on YouTube. The rest of us are quite literally also-rans.

Next time, I’d like to provide something of value. Every video should have a purpose, such as introducing something new, or conveying a message for inspiration or self-improvement. Ideally, this would be wrapped up in a small, but compelling story.

Do it on the cheap!

I’ve spent so much money in the past on equipment. I’ve got cameras, microphones and editing software, but most of it is out-of-date, and I’m fighting the urge to buy the latest tech, but NO! If I’m to make a success of YouTube, it must be because of my natural charm, creative genius and good looks!

On a side note, I’ve had a brilliant idea for background music – make my own! Of course, I’m tone deaf and can’t play an instrument, so I’ll just beatbox and hum a whole soundtrack of popular tunes! Trust me, my singing will be unrecognizable to the copyright algorithm.

But why would I bother?

To be honest, it sometimes feels like I’m falling into a bottomless pit. I grab a branch, but it eventually breaks. This repeats with every new project I start and fail. I can’t just keep falling. I have to try and pull myself up.

But we’ll see. This isn’t the first time in 8 years that I’ve thought about reviving the channel. But if not now, when?

If you like, you can find me on Twitter at @nick_ramsay. I'd love to hear from you!

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