Keeping Life Interesting

In my last blog post I talked about how lazy I’ve become since I stopped trying to impress people. But no matter how I spin it, sitting around watching YouTube is no way to live life.

Ironically, it’s people on YouTube that inspire me the most. I’ve become fascinated by adventurous and brave young women building a tiny house in the mountains, living in a Prius or traveling the world in the back of a van – often with a dog.

I’m not about to sell everything to live in my Suzuki Wagon, but I could do with a little more adventure in my life.

Working around a work schedule

The biggest challenge for a lot of us is finding the time to do anything. In my case, I reckon I could find a few hours in my week to spice things up, and actually have something to talk about with my students. Oh boy, since COVID started, nobody here has anything interesting to talk about because they never do anything!

Here are some quick and cheap things I’ve been thinking about doing:

  • Take an online Japanese lesson
  • Get coffee somewhere new
  • Try a different public bath
  • Take the local bus somewhere
  • Walk in the rain – umbrella allowed
  • Do yoga in the park (so embarrassing!)
  • Restore my bicycle and go for a ride
  • Tune my guitar and strum some simple chords
  • Hike the advanced route on my local mountain
  • Solo picnic at the park, read some Kindle in the shade

How about you?

Maybe my list has inspired you to try a few new things yourself? What could you squeeze into your schedule that could make your week more interesting and ultimately more satisfying?

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