Trying something new: Cleaning!

I started making a list of things I’d like to try that are out of my comfort zone. First I wrote down, “use a soldering iron”, followed by “strip wallpaper and paint wall”, then, “learn how to cut, sand and stain wood”. And then I remembered the sink we have upstairs that has a ring of dirt around the plughole, and so I added “clean sink like a pro” to the list.

A quick search for that on YouTube unveiled a ton of advice that can be summed up as “Use baking soda and vinegar”. Now I was really getting into this, so I dived deeper, looking for the Japanese products I’d need, and I found this old blog post from a JET in Ishikawa with all the answers.

Before charging to the supermarket, I had a quick look under the sink to see what we already had, and would you believe it? Baking soda, vinegar, and silicone carbide waterproof sandpaper! What?! When?! Why?!

I had completely forgotten about my 2007 blog post, The 15 year old toilet stains, and how I managed to get rid of them.

With that harrowing experience resurfacing in my mind, I rolled up my sleeves and got the job done. It’s not super sparkly, but the dirt ring has gone. And that’s one item I can check off my Discomfort Zone list.

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One thought on “Trying something new: Cleaning!

  1. Oh-oh! You missed a spot! Lol.

    Good for you taking life’s mundane tasks and making it a real challenge, filled with an opportunity to learn and dominate! Keep dominating, braaaaaaahhhh!!!

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