Yoga Every Damn Day

I’ve been doing yoga on and off for five years or so. It’s my go-to remedy for the chronic back pain I suffer through, and I really enjoy doing it. That said, I don’t really follow any plans or have any goals, and feel that the lack of structure is what keeps me from making it a habit.

Forward Fold

That picture of me is after a serious effort at getting flexible, and was inspired by the video Why You Can’t Touch Your Toes by Upright Health on YouTube video.

So clearly I have the potential to go further if I could just get consistent. In fact, I was recently encouraged by BadYogiTV who said that “motivation and inspiration rarely find you when you’re just sitting around waiting for it… Instead, you need to get disciplined.”

The common advice is to join a yoga class. I have a few options in my area, but to be honest, I don’t fancy paying for lessons or losing time getting ready for and driving to them. Nor do I wish to do yoga in a mask (Japan still insists on masks 24/7).

I do, however, think the social aspect is important, so I was happy to stumble upon a Reddit group called Yoga Every Damn Day. It’s not super active, but there are a handful of yogis there posting their daily workouts and encouraging each other.

Every day? That’s quite an ask, but I’ve posted my Day 1 results and will whip myself into doing it on a daily basis. I hope to revisit this blog post in a year and say I’ve gone from touching my toes to doing side splits. Beyond that, well maybe I can be like this guy?

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    1. I’m just constantly stretching throughout the day, like standing in a sumo pose and whatnot. I look a bit silly, but that’s part of my charm! 🙂

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