English T-shirts in Japan #4

Here’s the latest installment in my English T-shirts in Japan series. This one is modelled by a ten-year-old boy in one of my English classes. I really don’t know what the message is here. Do you? Does anybody? What were the designers thinking? In fact, what was the mother thinking when she bought this T-shirt? Perhaps this is how it happened… Designer: Okay, I’ll draw a scary dragon and add some random English phrases from […]

English T-shirts in Japan #3

I’ve had a busy evening changing over from the ready-made template on LongCountdown to one of my own custom designs, which you may have seen on my other blog, Nice4Rice. I hope you like the new look. It’s all part of sprucing up the blog for the birth of little Rikuto at the end of July. I’ve been slack of late with writing new blog entries. I think I’m suffering […]

English T-shirts in Japan #2

In my first post on English T-Shirts in Japan, you saw the “Honey Spunk” shirt. Here’s another classic, modelled by one of my seven-year-old students. What do you think? I explained the meaning to the class by kicking myself on the bum with my heel, and yelping “Ouch!”. I think they understood! If you like, you can find me on Twitter at @nick_ramsay. I’d love to hear from you!

English T-shirts in Japan #1

The Japanese love to wear clothes with English on them because it supposedly looks cool, yet they often can’t understand what these slogans say. This week I had one student with the expression “No Time to Kill” emblazoned on her shirt, which although perfectly acceptable English, I doubt this housewife is busy enough to warrant wearing such a shirt! Clothing manufacturers take advantage of this ‘English is fashionable’ attitude and […]