English T-shirts in Japan #3

I’ve had a busy evening changing over from the ready-made template on LongCountdown to one of my own custom designs, which you may have seen on my other blog, Nice4Rice. I hope you like the new look. It’s all part of sprucing up the blog for the birth of little Rikuto at the end of July.

I’ve been slack of late with writing new blog entries. I think I’m suffering from writer’s block as I don’t have much to talk about. That will change though as I’ll be using LongCountdown to keep Rikuto’s grandparents in England up to date on how he’s progressing. Hopefully, you’ll all follow along as I learn how to be a father.

Human life is a wonderful thing. Mankind has achieved so much, but in the spirit of my “English T-shirts in Japan” series, let me say…

I love mankind, but...

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3 thoughts on “English T-shirts in Japan #3

  1. hahaha. nice design. after the baby’s born, you should have the clock showing the time he was born.
    my kind of t-shirt =)

  2. Hey Nick,

    Nice new look! Good luck with the baby time thing! haha!

    I cant wait to get my new computer and then we can consumate our net buddy 4 life relationship visually!! haha!

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