Baked Beans to Save Japan’s Food Crisis?

This post is an oldie, but I’m submitting it to Rocking in Hakata‘s February 2009 Japan Blog Matsuri about Foreign Food. Enjoy! With food prices soaring, and butter disappearing altogether, there is no doubt that Japan is suffering an unprecedented food crisis. Learning from the British At university, balancing the budget to accommodate both food and beer is a skill most Brits have mastered, but it wouldn’t be possible without […]

The Same Old Questions

No matter how long you are in Japan, you will always be asked the same questions: Where are you from? Do you like Japanese food? Can you use chopsticks? The more adventurous Japanese will ask you questions about your home country: Is summer as hot as in Japan? Do you have cherry blossoms? Do you speak English in England? All these questions were recently asked of me by the dental […]

Yahoo Comparison Exposes Quirky Japanese Culture

On January 1st 2008, Yahoo! Japan officially unveiled their redesigned web portal. Despite Yahoo’s popularity among the Japanese (over 60% share of the search engine market), we’ve had to wait this long for them to come up with a flashy web 2.0 style homepage. Pushing slow adopters to increase their screen resolution With so many people in this country using Yahoo! I was quite surprised they dropped the old 800-pixel-wide […]

The end of Westernized Japanese food?

Japan’s agriculture ministry said it plans to certify the quality of Japanese food abroad in an attempt to promote “authentic Japanese food”. Does this mean that all Japanese restaurants abroad will have to conform to the standards set by the government here? If so, I don’t think it’s going to work. I heard that London is experiencing a sushi boom right now, but also that most of the chefs are […]