The end of Westernized Japanese food?

Japan’s agriculture ministry said it plans to certify the quality of Japanese food abroad in an attempt to promote “authentic Japanese food”. Does this mean that all Japanese restaurants abroad will have to conform to the standards set by the government here? If so, I don’t think it’s going to work.

I heard that London is experiencing a sushi boom right now, but also that most of the chefs are not Japanese. Apparently, it’s difficult to find and keep Japanese sushi chefs. So would these non-Japanese chefs have to take the ‘Sushi Standards Proficiency Test’?

Naturally, food is adapted to suit local tastes, for example California rolls, or coke with your sushi instead of tea, so who is going to benefit if the local community doesn’t like ‘authentic’ Japanese food? Maybe only the Japanese tourists who despise foreign food (especially British) so much that they will eat at Japanese restaurants when traveling overseas.

I’m such a hypocrite!

Here I am suggesting that the demand for ‘authentic’ food is a preposterous idea, I so wish other countries would follow Japan’s lead! Imagine a Japan filled with authentic Italian, Mexican and French restaurants. No more curry doughnuts or fried eggs covered with spaghetti!

Oh, what I would give for a traditional English roast, or a bag of overly vinegared sausage and chips!

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