The Same Old Questions

No matter how long you are in Japan, you will always be asked the same questions: Where are you from? Do you like Japanese food? Can you use chopsticks? The more adventurous Japanese will ask you questions about your home country: Is summer as hot as in Japan? Do you have cherry blossoms? Do you speak English in England? All these questions were recently asked of me by the dental […]

Questions for JapanSoc Users #1

If you haven’t yet registered for the Japan-related social bookmarking website, JapanSoc, please sign up! This is a new community which is growing quite rapidly thanks to some wonderful support from my fellow “Japan” bloggers. A few questions for JapanSoc users Since I’m at the helm, I’d like to get some feedback from current JapanSoc users so I can go about making improvements. Here are some questions to consider, but […]