Ramsay Ramblings 4/30/2008

I’ve been feeling pretty grotty this last week. First Rikuto “got the byouki”, then Mami “got the byouki”, and now I’ve “got the byouki”. Although I’d love to sing a song about “getting the byouki” (getting sick), I’ll spare you this week, and share some more Ramsay Ramblings instead. Magnitude 7 Earthquake Virtually Hits Gifu Since my net buddy, Mike McKinlay came to visit last week, I took him to […]

Illegal Immigrants Reason for Fingerprinting non-Japanese

Anger among Japan’s foreign community at the new immigraion laws continues to grow. Nearly all foreigners, including permanent residents, are now being fingerprinted every time they enter Japan, and can be denied entry for any reason the Ministry of Justice pleases. Isn’t the point of fingerprinting to stop terrorists entering Japan? That’s what I first thought. I even wrote a comparison between fingerprinting in Japan and the UK, showing that Japan couldn’t justify fingerprinting foreigners under the “War on Terror” banner because unlike the […]

English T-shirts in Japan #4

Here’s the latest installment in my English T-shirts in Japan series. This one is modelled by a ten-year-old boy in one of my English classes. I really don’t know what the message is here. Do you? Does anybody? What were the designers thinking? In fact, what was the mother thinking when she bought this T-shirt? Perhaps this is how it happened… Designer: Okay, I’ll draw a scary dragon and add some random English phrases from […]