Ramsay Ramblings 4/30/2008

I’ve been feeling pretty grotty this last week. First Rikuto “got the byouki”, then Mami “got the byouki”, and now I’ve “got the byouki”. Although I’d love to sing a song about “getting the byouki” (getting sick), I’ll spare you this week, and share some more Ramsay Ramblings instead.

Magnitude 7 Earthquake Virtually Hits Gifu

Since my net buddy, Mike McKinlay came to visit last week, I took him to the Gifu Prefecture Regional Disaster Management Center for a free ride on the earthquake simulator. If you’ve never been on one, you really should try. I’m convinced my house would fall over if the big one hits. I’ll blog about our trip at a later date, but if you can’t wait, there’s this Japanese map that might help you find one in your area.

Fujita Yukihisa Keeps Pressing for 9/11 Answers

Remember that DPJ politician who grilled the Japanese Prime Minister about World Trade Center 7 and other suspicious events surrounding the September 11th terrorist attacks? Well, he’s back at it again, this time asking whether the government knew about the FBI’s Most Wanted page for Osama Bin Laden, which due to no evidence, makes no mention of 9/11. Of course, it will all be forgotten if the May Day terror drills go live! 😯

Reinstalling Windows Vista

I’m usually singing the praises of Microsoft’s latest OS, but I ran into a brick wall last week when I couldn’t download and install Service Pack 1. It went like clockwork on my wife’s computer, but I had to take advantage of Microsoft’s one-on-one tech support to get it working on my machine. “MS Betty” as I like to call her, was very helpful but her directions led me to an accidental reinstall, and I’m still getting things back to normal now. On the bright side, SP1 is now working, and better than that, Microsoft seem to have fixed the problems with IE7, so at last I can dump this poor excuse for a browser, Firefox, and go back to IE! 😛

Professional baby photos

We took Rikuto to Studio Alice for some professional photos today, and all I can say is “wow”. These guys know every trick in the book to persuade you into spending as much as possible. I’m still only at the beginning of Robert Cialdini’s The Psychology of Influence and Persuasion, but I recognized a few of the “weapons of influence” such as automatic shortcuts, e.g. See Disney character = Must take photo; the use of the contrast principle, e.g. Really expensive photos make expensive photos look cheap, and the rule of reciprocation, e.g. Make my son laugh and we will feel obligated to buy more. The whole “sales” experience was really impressive, and despite me knowing their secrets, they took me for $160! Anyway, we’ll get the photos in a couple of weeks and I’ll be sure to post them here.

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3 thoughts on “Ramsay Ramblings 4/30/2008

  1. Hahaha, i like your reference to the contrast principle Nick .. it certainly works a treat and as you say, despite you knowing about the tricks you still get slugged a few bucks. Bet the photos are nice anyway so well worth it.

  2. Great abut the photos, Nick. Don’t forget to email us some. Mind you I am sure you could do them just as well yourself.

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