Chocolate – Japan style

I love chocolate. I want chocolate. I need chocolate.

I used to be a skinny teenager, so my mum would keep a stash of chocolate bars in the fridge for me to have everyday to help me gain weight. Unfortunately, I’m still 6 feet tall and weigh a featherly 56kgs! On the bright side though, I can eat as much chocolate as I want and only need to worry about getting spots!

So Valentine’s Day has rolled around again, and as a teacher I often get chocolates from the students. This year I got some chocolate worth sharing on my blog. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you… sushi chocolate!

Sushi Chocolate!

Let’s have a look inside…

More sushi chocolate

And the chocolate itself, which I actually found to be pretty good…

It's not sushi, it's chocolate!

So there you have it folks – sushi chocolate.

On a side note, how come Japan has so much chocolate available, but the choice of chocolate ‘bars’ is almost non-existant? Out here in Gifu, most convenience stores have Snickers, and if you’re lucky, you might find Aero or Big Kit-Kat, and that’s it!!! Come on Japan! Let’s have some Mars bars!

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone. If you have any leftover chocolate, send it my way!

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