Making Mochi in the Mountains

We hopped in Mami’s little pink car and took a drive out to Gujo city with our friend, Mr. H, for some traditional new year mochi making. Mochi can be described as “steamed rice pounded into a glutinous cake and used as a staple ingredient in a variety of dishes, including desserts”. This seasonal activity is a Japanese custom I hadn’t experienced until today, so I was quick with my camera to […]

Chocolate – Japan style

I love chocolate. I want chocolate. I need chocolate. I used to be a skinny teenager, so my mum would keep a stash of chocolate bars in the fridge for me to have everyday to help me gain weight. Unfortunately, I’m still 6 feet tall and weigh a featherly 56kgs! On the bright side though, I can eat as much chocolate as I want and only need to worry about […]

The 12-course dinner

Well, I’m still a bit hungover and definitely still full after last night’s dinner with Mr. H and his staff. Mr. H is the student of mine that introduced us to ballroom dancing. Despite having turned 70, he still knows how to party! He picked us up in a taxi and took us all the way to Seki city. My wife was relieved when Mr. H turned down my offer […]

The end of Westernized Japanese food?

Japan’s agriculture ministry said it plans to certify the quality of Japanese food abroad in an attempt to promote “authentic Japanese food”. Does this mean that all Japanese restaurants abroad will have to conform to the standards set by the government here? If so, I don’t think it’s going to work. I heard that London is experiencing a sushi boom right now, but also that most of the chefs are […]