Cherry Blossoms

A close-up of some cherry blossoms.With Japan’s hanami season underway, Mami and I thought we would take a stroll down the river to see what this year’s “cherry blossom viewing” season had to offer. While we were walking under the sakura, I told Mami a story I had heard from one of my students a couple of weeks ago.

Apparently, K-chan was walking her dog in Gifu park when she saw a large group of youngsters having a picnic, drinking beer, and singing under the cherry blossom trees. Although this is typical behaviour during hanami season, these guys were far too early, and there wasn’t one cherry blossom in sight.

However, they weren’t as dumb as you might think. They had brought along bunches of fake cherry blossoms to hang over their heads, and in doing so they avoided the crowds that fill the park in peak season, and still had a great time!

Now the flowers are in full bloom, we opted to avoid the crowded parks and walk down the quiet river bank. A pleasant afternoon, and since I’ve done nothing but stare at the computer screen during my week off, it was a good chance to get outside and give my aching eyeballs a rest!

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