Blogging, beer and bugs

My new blog,
I’m back in the classroom this week for a new school year, and my students are a year older than they were last month.

During my week off, I kept myself busy working on my new technology blog, which sees me, as Spud Oregon, reviewing tech-related websites and giving blog owners a chance to get free links by giving ‘rice’.

On the subject of blogging, my article on High-tech yakiniku was accepted into the March Japan Blog Matsuri, a monthly festival to boost the profile of Japan and the people talking about it. The theme last month was “uniquely Japanese” and there were some very interesting entries.

With the weather warming up, we had our first cockroach of the year which I quickly exterminated with a burst of Goki-Jet Pro. That didn’t compare to the hornets that foolishly flew through the vent into our toilet. A friend helped me locate and destroy the nest they were building outside, and a bit of creativity with some coffee-filter bags was enough to block the vent and keep those evil hornets at bay.

Mike McKinlay came all the way from Canada to visit, and we hooked up in Nagoya for my first night on the town in about two years! Our international group, made up of two Brits, an Australian, a Canadian, an American, and a Japanese, took to the bars and restaurants, did some Irish dancing (tried anyway), got refused entry to a nightclub (being foreign), did some Irish dancing, and came home the next morning thoroughly shattered. Phew!

Mami has just started her seventh month of pregnancy and Rikuto is getting bigger and bigger. He also seems to recognize my voice, giving a little kick when he hears me.

If you like, you can find me on Twitter at @nick_ramsay. I'd love to hear from you!

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