9/11 Demolition Theory on Prime Time Japanese TV Show

Sekai Maru MieMost of you know I believe that the World Trade Center was brought down by controlled demolition on September 11th, 2001. Major TV networks in the West seem to avoid this topic and simply label anyone who doesn’t agree with the official conspiracy theory (Osama Bin Laden, etc.) as kooks and nuts.

Never did I expect that this would be the subject of Sekai Maru Mie, or “World Great TV”, a popular TV show at 8PM, prime time, on Japanese national television today.

Explosions?Hosted by Kitano Takeshi and a few other Japanese celebrities, almost every point made by architect Richard Gage in this video was covered. The show posed all the right questions and left its viewers to decide for themselves who was responsible for the demolitions. Basically, if you watched it, you would be left in no doubt that explosives were used.

The question now is what affect this program will have on the millions of people that watched it.

Update: I found the 9-11 part of the Sekai Maru Mie show here on Google Video, so here it is:

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7 thoughts on “9/11 Demolition Theory on Prime Time Japanese TV Show

  1. I watched a bit of that presentation you posted on the subject, not all of it…

    It was quite compelling, particularly the smaller building that collapsed… was it building no 7 or something like that…. you would not expect a building to collapse like that.

    That said I don’t really go in for conspiracy theories either.

    How and when were all the charges supposed to have been set, is it supposed they were planted and concealed over a period of weeks, years without being seen or any maintenance personnel noticing?

    And then why blow up the third building… or not wait for buildings to empty more before demolishing them?

    When you start to think about what would have been required to demolish them… it is almost easier to believe that they did collapse… I suppose that is why it is the more widely held view… it is easier to accept.

  2. Unfortunately the world, particularly US citizens are blinded by the news from CNN and Fox. I strongly believe that 9/11 was an inside job.

    I am not sure if the TV Show will have any effect on the viewers, because most of the people are ignorant and do not want to think.

  3. Nick I’m telling you, you are becoming world famous and everyone is reading longcountdown.com! Even the Japanese producers who decided to show the documentary. Long live LC!!!

  4. A note about conspiracy theories – In the United States, the Federal Government accuses more people of conspiracy than any other entity. In fact, they have a law against conspiracy – that is if you only ‘conspire’ to commit a crime you can be prosecuted for conspiring. I would say that also makes them experts on conspiracies. You are a fool to dismiss any theory on account of it being a conspiracy, because conspiracies OBVIOUSLY EXIST and they are prosecuted in courtrooms EVERY DAY.

    The ESTABLISHMENT wants us to be ignorant about CONSPIRACIES so that we don’t ask questions about their worst crimes.

    English speakers see Loose Change at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1Yx9NRX37SM

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