Rikuto Eats His Own Hands!

Next week, our son Rikuto will be three months old. I previously posted the video Is That My Hand? in which he realized that the hands flapping about his head were actually his own, and he could contol them! Now that he can control them, he does what every baby does - he tries to eat them. Thank goodness he doesn’t have teeth yet!

Rikuto, eating his own hand.

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4 thoughts on “Rikuto Eats His Own Hands!

  1. Three months old and I’m sure everyday is a blessing!! He is such a good looking lad and really takes after his mum!! If he ends up having his Mum’s looks and his Dad’s brains, he will go a long way!!


    Just as long as his has his Uncle Keith’s sexyness haa haa haa

  2. He’s just a little baby!! He’s just a little baby!!! By the way Nick, i dont care what Keith says, you are one fine looking lad!

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