Reading to Rikuto #1

A few weeks ago I talked about children’s bedtime stories, and then later said that a baby approaching three months old has very acute hearing and if you read to him everyday, he’ll become familiar with the rhythm and intonation of your language.

This week, I started reading the first Harry Potter book to Rikuto. Of course, he’s not going to understand it, but it’s an opportunity to immerse him in the sound and melody of English. Our first session was great. Rikuto got really excited and kept smiling, making funny noises and kicking his feet. It was definitely a sight I wanted to video and show you so I asked Mami to record our second session the next night. Here’s a video of what happened…

If you can’t see the video, you can watch it here on YouTube.

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7 thoughts on “Reading to Rikuto #1

  1. I was trying to think of something to say to this but mmmmmm words do escape me on this one Nick!!! Poor little Rikuto was subjected to Harry Potter when all he wanted to do was sleep haa haa haa!!
    I actually read something somewhere about how natural tones from either the father or mother can stimulate a baby’s learning. I’m not an expert but do imagine a Harry Potter book would be a good choice for a baby and it’s learning curve!
    Saying that, I wish my mum let me watch “Debbie does Dallas” or something of that nature because that surely would have stimulated my…………………………………….. learning curve haa haa haa!!


  2. That’s so funny – so many parents complain they can’t get their babies to sleep and you can’t get yours to wake up! Maybe he was just feigning sleep cos he’s already read Harry Potter and wants something else – Dr Seuss was the favourite of my kids but maybe Rikuto is beyond that – perhaps something by Tolstoy?

    1. Note to future Rikuto: Hi son, dad here. Mike was talking about an action movie parody in which our faces were pasted onto the actors. It’s a bit violent, but just a comedy. You were never really blown up as a baby. Love always, Dad.

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